• Massimiliano Lamanna

About Me

I remember my beginning when  my inspiration came from '50s, it was the best age for class and elegance. The "big names" didn’t exist: the  tailor used to  create a model suited to you. Unfortunately, apart from a strong propensity for good style and elegance, I did not have much familiarity with needle-and-thread ..., however, my thirst for knowledge was great.

My desire was to follow up on my grandmother steps, she worked for Fontana sisters in the 60s? Maybe ... I began with great humility removing excess threads from the seams of the shirts. Then I learned to sew buttons applying the cross-stitching  and later the "lily".

I continued drawing models of cuffs and, after a long time, I learned to cut out pattern. The thrill I felt when I cut my first shirt was indescribable ... touching that stuff so long and cold ... unfolding on the table and marking it with chalk the parts to be cut: the back, the breasts, the sleeve, shoulders and again ... the listels, the collar, the cuffs ... starting to cut  following all the marks and realizing how that piece of inanimate fabric was taking  shape ... sewing with Necchi 2 needles, basting with my hands the collar before the last seam and, once completed, cutting the holes with a chisel and then embroidering them with the silk thread.

Looking back, I still shudder ... Since that day I have not stopped dreaming ... And each dress, every shirt that I sew in my small workshop are made with the same passion and the same excitement of that guy that has  grown up...

Massimiliano Lamanna